Sunflower Stars

Sunflower Stars

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This scrappy quilt was made as a donation to the Quilts for Kids organization in 2020. This small version (20 blocks in a 4x5 grid) measured about 43" x 53" and was quilted by my longarm contractor Quilts by Chris (who also donated her work to QFK).   If I set the item to "out of stock," you cannot order so please note the item is not ready to ship.


Repeat: the displayed quilt was donated and is out of stock, but I can make one for you "on demand" in similar colors and Chris would be happy to quilt it for her usual fee (already included in my prices).


Just use the pulldown list to order the size you'd like.


SMALL: 20 blocks in a 4x5 grid (about 43" x 53")

MEDIUM: 30 blocks in a 5x6 grid (about 55" x 65")

LARGE: 42 blocks in a 6x7 grid (about 65" x 75")


Measurements are approximate. The sunflower blocks are 8" squares and there are 2" randomized blue blocks in between them.  I am all out of that specific yellow fabric in the border but have lots of different yellows and browns I can use in the border.

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