Scrappy Stars & Strings

Scrappy Stars & Strings


A scrappy stars quilt can be just about any kind of design you like: The repetitive and organized design like the rainbow stars on a light background with strips of small square patchwork bands separating the rows is made from scraps where no two stars are exactly identical -- I used similar but not exactly the same fabric for all those rainbow points because I used scraps not large, whole pieces of fabric.


Or the background can be filled in with randomized scraps that are completely different from row to row and with no separation between blocks so it just looks like one huge surface of small patches. This is done in sets so it's actually easier to assemble than you might imagine but my biggest challenge is to keep it random. I always want to make order out of chaos.


I can also make it kaleidoscopic with what's called "string quilt" blocks, arranged to look like scrappy diamonds or squares. I can give the strings uniformity (like I did using all one color--pink--in different shades) or make it totally random like I did in the more randomized diamonds pictured next to the pink.


When making something "scrappy" the possibilities are literally endless--and your scrappy creation will be unique! Never the same scraps twice makes your original heirloom design completely one of a kind!


Each of the pictured quilts was created specifically for donation to the Quilts for Kids national charity that supplies quilts to kids in hospitals, medical treatment centers and other scary situations. Again, the pictured quilts are out of stock but I can create one for you, personally, from scratch, usually in about one week.


A note about colors: I'll use whatever scraps I have on hand--and I always have scraps. In fact, I have bins and bins of scraps, not to mention shelves of uncut fabric in every color of the rainbow! Usually I charge extra for the special holiday fabrics like Christmas prints or Halloween fabrics, but since I'm using scraps, no extra charge. Just select the theme and I'll find scraps in my bins to make it work. The sizes will vary but the quilts show are all in the small size since they were made to be Quilts for Kids donations.


SMALL: 40-50" wide by 50-60" long (this is a large throw)

MEDIUM: 50-60" wide by 60-70" long (this is a classic lap quilt)

LARGE: 60-70" wide by 70-80" long (this is a large lap or small bed quilt)


I can make the large size deliberately larger to fit onto a specific bed size but it will need to be sent out for quilting and an extra charge for that service will be applied at a rate of $0.02 per square inch of finished quilt, typically about $80-$120 extra for a queen size bed quilt.


Use the pull-down lists to give me an idea of the colors you like, choose a size and style, then add it to your cart and I'll get to work! You can email me if you have any questions before ordering or want to make a special request. Use the Contact Form here.

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