Simple Sampler Quilt

Simple Sampler Quilt

I made this small sampler quilt in brown/gold/ivory as a donation to our "Comfort Quilt" ministry at FVUMC. It was just a small thing to lay over the legs of someone in a wheelchair but gave me a chance to try out some new block designs. In the pulldown list, this would be the "throw" size for $75.


I made the blue/yellow sampler lap sized as a donation to the Scrap Happy ministry in my quilt guild serving the homeless and at-risk families in the Triangle area. This was a "Lap" size about 60" x 72" and in the pulldown list, the price for this size goes up to $150 in 2-color like the display model or in monochrome (add another $15 for the special occasion colors--e.g., Christmas, Halloween, Americana).


I can also make a bed size (Full/Queen) but will have to send that out to be quilted by Chris (she does amazing work on her high-speed long arm machine!) Her costs are already included in the $225 price on this quilt when you use the pulldown list. Again, this price is for blocks in 2 or 3 colors and the special occasion colors are a little bit more. 

What if I don't like your color or block choices?

Please note that the color swatches here are examples that illustrate possibilities. These fabric swatches are not guaranteed to be available for your quilt. You can specify a color generally but please try not to limit my design choices to a narrowly specified color. If I cannot provide the color type you want after sharing a choice or choices via email, I will refund your purchase price without making anything.


As to block designs, a sampler is supposed to be a randomized collection so try to trust me to mix and match block types. If you don't like the layout I propose, again, I'll just refund your purchase price without making anything.


I have hundreds of quilt block patterns and can make a random assortment of blocks for you in a variety of color combinations but monochrome color plans keep it simple and keep the cost down. If you want a specific layout or a special color combination (for instance, making each block a different color), I can definitely do it but the price will go up. Please contact me to get a quote for a custom job made "on demand."


The lower prices on this Simple Sampler idea are set low based on the idea that the colors are simple (monochrome or just 2-color) and the blocks are randomized as designed by me on my computer. This will make your sampler a unique design, a true one of a kind heirloom quilt!


How will I know what you plan to do? Are you just going to tell me in words or will I see a sample?

After I receive your order, I'll create a mockup on my computer  that will suit your size and color choices. It's not an actual quilt with actual fabric but it should be a visual aid to tell you what I'm thinking. I'll send you an email with an image file for you to approve or modify. You can make one revision for no additional charge but multiple revisions will be billed at an hourly rate for design time, so clear communication is key! That's why I create and send a picture--instead of typing another 1,000 words!


My design rate is $50/hr billed in minimum increments of 15 minutes ($12.50) or any part thereof.  I prefer not to start tracking and billing for my time on an hourly basis both because it adds up very quickly and because I'm here to make and sell quilts, not bill an hourly rate.


Can I just get one of the quilts pictured? How long do I have wait for mine?

Because the displayed models were donations to charity, I don't actually have any of these "in stock" (so not valid for coupon discounts) but I can create one for you "on demand" in your preferred size and color scheme after you purchase it on the web site. My turnaround is typically 2-6 weeks, depending on how many orders I have in line ahead of you at the moment your order arrives. I'll give you an estimate of the time required when I contact you with an initial layout.

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