All of the potholders shown (except the red Christmas ornament) are out of stock) but I can reproduce these designs as soon as you order them. Fabrics may vary based on availability at the time of your order but color themes and designs will be similar. You may request variations at no additional charge.


Please indicate in the text box which designs you'd like or describe the idea you'd like me to make for you into a potholder.  If you want to get a price break, Buy 5, Get 1 FREE! (B5G1) Just choose it on the pulldown list and write in the text box how you'd like your 6 potholders be made: all alike, 3 pairs, each one different--you choose!


The pink and yellow tea time with "ghost writing" can be made with different writing or shapes if you don't want a teacup or have another idea clearly in mind--and any colors can be used! Just clearly describe your design in the text box or email me at heirloominthemaking@gmail.com to discuss it.


The double-ended "sunflower" was a gift to a friend who loves sunflowers but if you'd like one of these, it's a bit more ($18) since it's a larger double-mitt style and takes more of the special heat-resistant batting.  The original pattern had the suggested variation of making the ends a Dachsund dog instead of sunflowers. I haven't tried it but if you want it I'll give it a try! Just use the pulldown list to order a double-mitt and use the text box to tell me to make the ends into a dog instead of flowers.


Special:  Buy 5, get 1 free! (B5G1)

First select the B5G1 option in the pulldown list and  then email me at heirloominthemaking@gmail.com to claim your bonus 6th design. I'll include it free with your shipment. Be sure to describe your preferred 6 designs--each one can be different or you can get matching pairs of 3 designs or mix and match however you like! Just be clear to list all 6 of your design choices. 


B5G1 offer only applies to standard sized potholders. Does not apply to larger, double-mitt style potholders.


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