Penguin Party

Penguin Party


This Penguin Party quilt pattern is a design by Elizabeth Hartman and can be made in a variety of sizes. The displayed model is made with 16 blocks and  finished at 48" x 64" which is a good size for a kids' quilt, but I can make this quilt with any number of blocks. Each block measures 9" x 13" (all 3 heights of penguin) and if you'd like a larger quilt, I'll just add $10 per block to increase the size in even multiples. Use the pulldown list to see how much each size costs. I set up layouts in plain cotton or as a memory quilt in grids of 4x4 (the display model of 16 blocks), 4x5 (20 blocks), 4x6 (24 blocks), 5x6 (30 blocks). If you have another size in mind, please email me to discuss it.


Make it a Memory

If you would like a tee shirt quilt and want some kind of unusual design, this quilt pattern would make an outstanding "setting" for it. That is, instead of the brightly-colored bodies show on this display model, I can cut out blocks from tee shirts to use for the bodies--that means squares of about 6" x 6" for a short penguin or 7" x 8" for a tall or medium-tall one.  This will only work with small clothing designs like you have on a onesie or clothes worn in the 0-5 years of age. In other words, it doesn't have to be a tee shirt, but should be small. I refer to it as a tee shirt quilt for ease of reference.


To convert this into a memory quilt or tee shirt quilt,  just add $10 per block processed--or for this 16-block layout displayed, just add $160 for processing the clothing into quilt blocks. This is actually substantially lower than my normal tee shirt quilt rate. 


If you'd like I can also make an assortment of blocks--that is, some in regular cotton like the display model, and some with a tee shirt body--to customize the Penguin Party for your child.  Please email me to discuss this layout and I'll give you a price quote at that time.


The displayed quilt is finished with a backer of 100% cotton in a polka dot pattern with large pinwheels in a stripe across the middle.  I am all out of these black fabrics, but have a "love" rainbow heart fabric available for backing a future version of this quilt pattern, whether done as regular quilt or a memory/tee shirt quilt.

  • Add a Penguin Pillow!

    Have just one medium-tall Penguin made into a 16" pillow cover!  The cost is the same as any of my other 16" pillow designs ($50) but you can customize the Penguin body color. If you would like it to be personalized with your child's tee shirt, or appliqued with a name or other design across the body, Just add $15. 

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