Peace Love Joy Throw

Peace Love Joy Throw


Back in 2019 I made several of these as gifts. I used a photo of a wall hanging I saw in the Annie's Catalog and blew it up about 5,000% to make a throw size design. I enjoyed making machine embroidered details like a nest under one of the birds, a smile on the snowman's face. Each of them was totally unique as a result of the my ad hoc decisions.


I don't currently have any in stock but like everything else on the site, if you order one, I'll make it "on demand." I keep a lot of Christmas fabrics around because I love to make these kinds of holiday treats. 


As I recall the throw quilt measured about 42" x 52" but the dimensions might not be exactly that. It's a throw not a lap quilt and will fit nicely over the back of the couch to add a little holiday cheer to your decor.

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