Ladybug Love

Ladybug Love


This kids' quilt was designed to do double duty as a bedspread, complete with a pillow fold--that is, the big band of b/w fabric at the top with the big red heart in the middle will center nicely over a pillow when the bed is made. The red frame center on a twin sized bed. This quilt was based on a design from Annie's Catalog (all pictures are of the actual quilt Sarah made) and the finished measurements are about 50" x 88" (including the pillow fold extension Sarah added to the pattern).


Not pictured is a matching pillowcase for a small sized bed pillow (19"x23") with b/w piano keys on the cuff echoing the border of the quilt, red accents on the cuff and a plain white cotton/polyester soft blend for the body of the pillowcase.


The quilt was made with 100% cotton fabric and 80/20 batting.  Sarah did all of the quilting with a crosshatch pattern in the X's while the O's have an echo of the seams. The ladybugs are fusible applique shapes that were machine stitched on and the background of those blocks is quilted in a simple meander.


The b/w cat named Spot (RIP 2007-2018) was convinced the blocks were her kittens! This was the last quilt she "helped" me make before she went over the Rainbow Bridge. The quilt has since been washed so there are no cat hairs on it now, just all her X's and O's.

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