Hang in There!

Hang in There!


This cute wall hanging has loops so you can thread a regular curtain rod through to hang it up. The red/eggshell 9-patch blocks are randomized in the display model but any colors or even a different block pattern can be used to make one for you "on demand." (custom) If you use a regular curtain rod, you can hang this in any small window (kitchen? bathroom?) for a little fun.


Buy the display model (discounted) or request a custom design or color scheme of your own. Use the pulldown list to specify "custom" and then add comments in the text box to indicate your color and block design choices. The legs and arms of the runaway block will be made in a coordinating color. They are stuffed with a polyester fiberfill stuffing (batting). The possibilities are endless - check out some of these examples on Pinterest!


The main section of the wall hanging (including the hole but not the runaway guy) measures about 26" square and the runaway block hangs about another 20" below that (46" total combined height). The main section of the wall hanging is made with 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton batting.


The design was originally created by a woman named Chris Gilman in the 1990s under the name Tighten the Tension and variations have circulated on Pinterest ever since.

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