Blue Cross Table Topper

Blue Cross Table Topper


There are two versions of this 30" square table topper. In the primary one pictured, the log cabin blocks are oriented to make the dark blue strips form a cross in the center; but in the secondary design, the dark blue strips are along the outside and the light fabric in the center has a hand-quilted cross design. Both versions were quilted by Sarah.


The dark cross version was machine quilted "in the ditch" (along the seam lines) to accentuate the log cabin design. The light cross version was hand quilted (which raises the price a bit) with feathers in a cross over the center and with a string of hearts along the borders (see closeup photos).


Both of these toppers were made with 100% cotton fabric and 80/20 batting.

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    Because both of these pieces were made from a mixture of fabric from Sarah's stash and the church stash (with most of it from the church), 50% of the purchase price will be donated to the church ministries.

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