Baby Elephants

Baby Elephants

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I created this pattern with 3D ears and tail to give your baby a textile experience and they are machine quilted by me in a large-scale all-over meander to make the quilting really puff up, adding to the touchability of the surface.


The quilt top is 100% cotton with fused applique shapes that are then machine stitched down for durability. The batting is a polyester fiberfill for high loft. The backer is usually made from a 100% cotton flannel, but I used a variety of different flannels for all of these quilts so there is no standard backer. I will use either plain white or a rainbow print flannel for yours.


Because these were so fun to make and so well-received, I self-challenged myself to make 10 for the baby quilt gifting ministry at my church. Ultimately I made 14 a few of which friends bought before I could finish them and 9 of which were donated to the gifting ministry before anyone else could ask to buy one.


Each one was a slightly unique design in that the flowers the elephants are sniffing were conjured by me on the spot. I don't think I did the same thing twice. I'll decide what to do with yours when I am at the moment of cutting fabric (I kind of felt like the Holy Spirit was leading me on what to do for each quilt's "best personality").  Since I don't have one on hand I am going from memory but I think they were about 45" x 55" in size, a large crib bumper or a nap mat blanket for your toddler.


I've created a selection of colors for you choose from because I can reproduce them from my fabric stash but I don't have any finished quilts in stock at the moment. When you order one here on the site, I'll make it "on demand" as a "custom order." This means you can request specific colors so it's a good thing. I'll email you for confirmation of the exact fabrics to use for the main part of the quilt before I begin construction.


The piano key border is usually created from 4-5 (or more) coordinating fabrics. 

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