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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you make T-shirt (tee shirt) quilts?

Yes!! Yes, I do!  And I love making them! I think they are fun to design and construct. Time consuming but fun.

I specialize in the "Jigsaw Puzzle" method where the blocks are mostly uniform size and shape and butt up against each other (nothing in between). Most blocks are 12" squares (or some multiple of 6") and I fit them together in columns, filling in the gaps with pieces I make (fillers) like a jigsaw puzzle.

I can also create blocks that are completely uniform in size and shape and then set with sashing (frames). These look more like a traditional quilt. Please see the Meredith College tee shirt quilt with sashing that I did for Media in the Testimonials area.

Note that tee shirt quilts are not as well-suited to traditional quilt patterns as they are to the "Jigsaw Puzzle Method," but I can do whatever kind of quilt you want.  Please use the Contact Form to ask me about designs you have in mind!

Can you make a T-shirt quilt from sports uniforms?

Yes! I can use sports clothing but due to the difficulties stabilizing the slippery synthetic materials (e.g., rayon, spandex, wicking-dri-weave) I may have to add a surcharge to the per-block processing rate or modify the design to compensate for a difficult material--or both!

Recently, I made a quilt from dance costumes from spandex, velvet and other materials as well as being embellished with sequins, fringe and other elements. I had to limit the design and add surcharges for some of the special treatments. However, it's interesting to note, even with all that, the price still fell within the typical range for a lap-sized quilt.

How much does a tee shirt quilt cost? How many shirts do you need?

The cost is completely dependent on the finished size of the quilt and the number of blocks made from the shirts. This can vary wildly so the price is not a "set" fee per size but here's an overview of how I calculate prices. 

To start, there is a base price for each quilt size. This covers my materials like batting and thread as well as overhead (operating costs) so I have a little flexibility where I can eat costs (lose money) to give you a discount. 

Next I charge a processing fee of $10 for each block made. Check out my worksheet for an idea of how many 12" blocks it takes to make your desired size quilt. If you have a design on the front and one on the back, and want me to use both, that's 2 blocks or $20 to process that shirt.

Special handling or unusual materials might cause me to add a surcharge to the block fee for those special items like I did with fringe and sequins on the dance costumes quilt I did in June of 2021. Mixing in hard-to-stabilize materials like dri-weave and spandex with heavy sweatshirts and regular tee shirts also might mean a surcharge. It's best to make a quilt out of all of one kind of shirt or material.

A lap size quilt (50-60" wide by about 72" long) is the most common size people seem to want. The typical fee for this size regardless of how many shirts usually falls in the $400-$600 range. That's with no special handling and takes about 15-20 shirts of average size. Children's size shirts mean you need more shirts (more processing fees); whereas, large adult sizes require fewer blocks and will have fewer per-block fees. Your design is going to be unique so your price will be unique. 

Please use the Contact Form to request a Pricing Quote and let me know that you want ideas for "extending" the supply of shirts to a specific size quilt (e.g., only have 8 shirts but want a full size bed quilt).

What if I don't have enough T-Shirts for my quilt?

Don't think you have​ enough shirts for the quilt you want? No problem!  I can often adapt the block sizes to better match the desired size of your quilt to the number of shirts you have available. 

Or I can create filler blocks in traditional quilt block designs from cotton I have on hand.

Or I can add applique blocks from left over tee shirt material. I love this idea for kids's quilts! Check out this image for what I mean.

If you want to specify how to have me design extra filler blocks or have me make you specific / custom applique (not from my existing patterns), I'll factor in a labor charge (my rate is $50/hr billed in 15-minute increments) for designing those extra blocks on top of the $10 block processing fee.

If you use straightforward lettering or appliques for which I already have patterns (like the animals shown at the top of this image), it will just cost the base $10 per block. For personalizing the quilt I strongly advise having me add lettering in the border. If you add a whole row of blocks, you can probably get a 5-8 word sentence in there!

Can you make ... ?

I love to do custom designs! These are at the heart of what makes a quilt an heirloom. I also have a vast library of quilt patterns and blocks from which to build traditional quilt patterns.

My forte is applique but I know and can use other methods of quilt construction as well.

If we can design it, then I can make it for you. I use Photoshop to mockup design collaborations with clients and find this results in a satisfying design experience for both of us. I will donate the first 3 hours of design time in Photoshop as part of the purchase price. I can usually get a mockup done in 3 hours or less. Beyond that initial mockup time, my rate to collaborate on design is $50/hr billed in 15-minute minimum increments ($12.50 minimum).

Please use the Contact Form to discuss custom designing a quilt with me.

What are the payment options?

I accept digital payments only. My web site has a shopping cart but it is new to me, so there might be bugs to work out in the first six months (June to Dec. 2021) Please be patient with me and use the Contact Form to let me know if something is not working or is too hard to use the way I have designed it. Your feedback will help me make this web site shopping experience great for everyone!

Do you take checks?

No, sorry, digital payments only. When you use the shopping cart on this site, however, there is a manual payment method where you can choose Zelle which lets you pay from your checking account using the free and secure Zelle Pay app. My email address ( is the Zelle contact identifier.

Do you take PayPal?

PayPal charges an additional 3% to process a business payment. I have used PayPal as a personal "gift" method for years and and even have a nice shortcut but this is my personal account, not for a business.

To make a business payment, I need to add a 3% surcharge to the listed price. Please use the Contact form to let me know you want to use PayPal and I'll initiate a PayPal request for funds from my personal PayPal account in the final amount. You will need to be sure to make it a "personal gift" and not say it is for "goods or services." 

This is all very complicated and after I finish launching and debugging this web site, I might set up a business account with PayPal, but for now, please use this manual method and plan to pay an additional 3% to cover the costs. 

TIP consider using the FREE Zelle Pay app on your smartphone instead of PayPal. It's secure and let's you attach whatever banking method you like!

What is your return policy?

Since each item I sell is a one-of-a-kind product, usually made "on demand" for the specific customer ordering it, I am sorry to say I cannot generally accept returns.

However, I want my customers to be happy so if, after you have paid in full and taken delivery, you decide you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me to discuss how I can make it right. 

Do you offer gift cards?

No, not at this time but it is possible I might in the future.

If you would like to purchase an item as a gift for someone else, that's easy. Just indicate their location in the Shipping Address when you check out and please Contact me to alert me that your purchase is a gift. I can even make you a personalized Maker's Label (at no additional charge) so the person will know their heirloom quilt was made just for them. Let's talk about it in email.

Can you ship anywhere?

Yes! I am located in Fuquay Varina, NC so "local" customers can get free porch pickup. You can even choose that option in the shopping cart checkout (I think you can - I know my web site is supposed to be capable of offering free local pickup but I might have set it up wrong. Just contact me if it doesn't work.)

I can ship anywhere in the continental US for a reasonable shipping fee (will be calculated when you check out). 

I can also ship internationally but the fees are quite high, so please consider asking a friend who is travelling back to you from the US to carry your finished quilt in their suitcase. I can ship it to them while they are here in the States, but obviously, this requires some level of pre-planning and coordination. Never fear! We can do it! Contact me to discuss the details.

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